Important Safety Message: Respect

In order for the Wicklow 200 to be held every year, we need the cooperation of everyone involved – the cyclists, the local communities, the emergency services, Gardai and the 400 volunteers.

As we are all in this together, we have to respect everyone on the day of the cycle.

We are asking you – the cyclists – to make the day enjoyable for everyone by thinking about the following:

1. Respect other road users

2. Respect Marshals

3. Respect Fellow Cyclists

If we all follow these three simple rules we will have an enjoyable and safe day for the Wicklow 200!

Thank you for your co-operation.

Event Day Checklist!

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Night Before Hand

To help eliminate or reduce any pre-event nerves or stress, we suggest you complete the following checklist:

For more information on what you should pack in your saddle bag, please see our blog post here

The Day Itself

Don’t try anything new on the day of the event, be it clothing, energy food or even breakfast cereal. A minor change or trying something new on the day can ruin the event for you. Arrive to the start line with a clean bike and clean drive train. As they say, a clean bike is a fast bike, and a clean drive train will ensure your bike performs to its best.

Remember to pace yourself on the day and most importantly remember it’s not a race. The second half of the course is traditionally harder then the first half, so keep that in mind when you start. When it comes to the hills, pace yourself going up and take your time descending. The event is taking place on open roads so there will be other road users on the day. There is no shame in taking your time descending.

Make sure you take enough fuel onboard. During your training you would have established what works best for you. Even if you don’t want to stop at a food stop, our advice would be stop and at least put something in the back pocket of your jersey. You may be glad of a piece of food as you climb out of Greystones.

Wishing you the best of luck at this year’s event – we are looking forward to seeing you at the start line on 12th June!

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