Cycling Jerseys

When it comes to selecting your jersey, you have an array of options and that’s even before you select the sleeve length!  A cycling jersey will keep you warm in cold weather and cooler in warm weather.  It will help keep you comfortable on the bike, prevent sunburn and give you a place to store most things you need to carry (banana, energy bar, packable jacket, coffee money, phone, and tissues!). Please prevent injury by not carrying your pump in your back pocket! Get it mounted on the bike.

Jerseys come in different styles and cuts, and you can spend anything from €50 to €200 plus on one. Before you choose a jersey, we strongly advise you to wear a base layer underneath to help wick away the sweat. Compared to a normal t-shirt, road jerseys typically have a longer back, shorter front and a higher neck shape and sleeves shaped to fit when in the bike position. There is a lot of variations in how closely a cycling jersey fits. Unless you plan on going racing, you won’t require a jersey that is too tight. This style of jersey is designed for speed and won’t have any excess fabric flapping about and are usually referred to as an aero jersey or race cut.

Most jerseys are made from a synthetic fabric which is designed to carry sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate from the outside of the jersey. This is where a jersey will always trump a normal t-shirt. A t-shirt will simply soak your sweat (moisture) and retain it next to your skin. This will become very apparent if your t-shirt is made from cotton. The moisture retained by your t-shirt will cool down in a breeze making you feel chilly and uncomfortable on the bike.

When picking a jersey, have a look at its label to see which other materials are contained in it. If you have the option, choose one which contains a natural material like merino wool. This is a natural fibre grown by merino sheep. It’s thinner and softer than regular wool- making it easy to wear next to skin. It offers many of the same properties as that of synthetic material, however its big advantage is its ability to combat odour.  Over time a jersey made from synthetic material which is washed regularly will no longer be able to stave off the odour and you may end up having to replace it.

One thing you are guaranteed with a cycling jersey is a zip. You can have a full length, half length or a short.  Which style you choose, boils down to the individual preferences. A short zip may look tidy; however, you may want more ventilation if it’s warm.  Ideally choose one which has YKK zip (you don’t want zip failure while out).

Finally, if you plan on wearing your jersey in sunny conditions, try to identify the jersey’s SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Some modern fabrics now come with built in SPF protection.

Active/Comfort FitIs more relaxed for a leisure riding position. Perfect for those weekend cafe rides or those new to cyclingBL Duna Women’s Short Sleeve €41.30HERE
Performance/Athletic CutHas a more fitted cut, then an active cut. The fabric sits close to the body for a performance-minded riding position. Ideal for training or those faster club ridesEndura FS 260 Print Short Sleeve €79.99HERE
RaceA race cut will feel very short on the body and tight. Aimed at those people looking to go racingAssos RS Aero SS ‘The Myth Within’ Short Sleeve Jersey €200HERE

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