6 top tips for the novice cyclist

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

If you are taking up cycling for the first time or returning to the bike after many years, it can be daunting. Follow our top cycling tips to help you ride better and safer:

1. Gear
Cycling is like any sport in terms of gear, you get what you pay for. It is worth investing in the essential items for cycling. This includes:

  • A helmet: Always wear a helmet that fits properly when cycling. Most modern helmets are light weight and stylish so there is no excuse not to wear one.
  • A waterproof jacket: In Ireland it’s not uncommon to get four seasons in one day. Invest in a light weight waterproof jacket to keep you warm on a wet and windy day.
  • Cycling shorts: Although gel shorts don’t look the prettiest they can prevent soreness and chafing on a long cycle.
  • A repair kit: Attach a repair kit, spare tube and pump to your bike. This avoids a long walk home if you get a flat tyre.

2. Get a proper bike fit
Regardless of having a new or old bike it is important to get the bike set up to fit your body. Having a bike that fits properly allows you cycle more efficient and help avoid soreness after a cycle.

3. Know the rules of the road
Always cycle with the traffic and obey the traffic signs. Be alert to car and never cycle with headphones on.

4. Hydrate and fuel-up
Drink and eat a little and often to avoid dehydration and a drop in energy levels. When cycling you burn a lot of calories. Carry dry snacks such as granola bars, bananas and plenty of water.

5. Rest
After an intensive training session ensure you give your body time to recover and repair before your next training session. List to your body, if you are sick or injured take a few days rest from the bike. Taking a few days off from a training programme is better than been forced to stop for months due to injury.

6. Join a cycling group
You can get lots of tips and advice from other cyclists. In addition, cycling with a group can help you stay motivated on a long cycle.