7 cunning ways to get your friend to sign up to cycling challenge with you!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

You know that you always feel AMAZING after completing a physical challenge like a cycling event. So, you want your mate, other half or loved one to get that buzz too. Or maybe you just want someone to suffer a little with you as you train. Either way, here are 7 tips to help you persuade, cajole – or let’s be honest – manipulate them into joining you on your journey. Use them wisely!

1. Sell it to them!

Bring your buddy out on an easy walk, run or cycle – but one with incredible views. Make sure it’s a nice day. Then bring them to a cosy pub with great food so they get to experience that incredible satisfaction of treating yourself when it’s well deserved. Then raise the topic of a weekend away that would bring that experience to a whole new level. Do a bit of research in advance, focussing on restaurants and bars you might visit after your cycle. Finally introduce the notion of Wicklow, letting them know that there are two routes to choose from 100KM or 200KM

2. FOMO is your friend

Show your mate the photos of you with that huge grin on your face when you crossed the finish line. And boogying to the DJ while scoffing your post-race grub. Nothing like a bit of FOMO to ‘persuade’ a reluctant friend into doing what you want.

3. Make a bet

Little is more effective than bit of friendly competition to light a fire under your best pal’s behind.

4. The age-old tactic of reverse psychology

Tell them you’ve signed up for an amazing cycle but that you think it might be a bit too tough for them. Lay it on thick by suggesting that they might be too soft to tackle a hill in the elements.

5. Bribe them.

Offer treats, coffee, money, babysitting…do whatever it takes.

6. Romance could be the key!

If your buddy is single, explain to them that cycling is seriously friendly and a genuinely brilliant way to meet new people. With all the post-exercise endorphins flowing, Wicklow 200 has a brilliant party-like atmosphere at the finish. If that’s not an opportunity for romance, then we don’t know what is. And it’s an especially exciting opportunity if you’re sick of trying to meet someone on Tinder. Or if your idea of a soul mate is someone who occasionally likes to do something at the weekend that doesn’t solely revolve around drinking pints.

7. Go rogue and sign them up for a race.

If all else fails, just go ahead and sign them up for Wicklow 200. Give it to them for their birthday and tell them, “I’ve told your family and friends you’re doing it! No need to thank me! Let’s get training!”

Wicklow 200 takes place on Sunday 7th June 2020 and is open for registration