Bicycle Shorts

Monday, April 24th, 2023

In association with Cycle Super Store

Now spring is finally here, it’s time to ditch those bib tights and winter clothing. Something that can be underestimated is a good quality pair of cycling shorts. A good pair of cycling shorts will make cycling long distances much more comfortable and provide cushioning and relief for your sensitive bits! So, what should you look out for when purchasing a pair of cycling shorts?

Before we start talking about shorts, the golden rule for cycling shorts is to wear them au naturel. In other words, you should not wear any underwear under your cycling shorts. The pad or chamois/chammy is designed to sit next to the skin. Adding an extra layer will inevitably lead to friction which can lead to chaffing/irritation and prevent the pad from doing the job it’s supposed to do

Bib Shorts

When it comes to shorts you have two design options open to you, bib shorts or waist shorts. Both designs have their pros and cons, and it usually boils down to individual’s preference. Bib shorts have two straps at the top of the short which go over your shoulders like braces securing them in place. The reason for the straps is to ensure the shorts stay in place preventing chafing or saddle sore. This style of short is designed not to restrict your breathing during those lung busting cycles or press on your bladder.

Waist shorts do have their benefits. By having less material they are more effective in keeping you cool and sometimes you just want the breeze up your back. They have the added benefit of being easier to remove for a toilet break (especially for women). That’s not to say they don’t have their issues. In some cases, the waist band can act like a sponge and soak up sweat which some people may find uncomfortable against their skin. However, the biggest issue people have with waist shorts is they are not guaranteed to stay in place, something the bib short is able to do.

So is there anything else you need to look out for? Cycling short manufacturers will often characterise their shorts for how long a ride they are designed for. This could come in the form of a thicker pad, or how the pad is sewn onto the shorts. Most short manufacturers will have different ranges which have offer benefits over each other, but these differences are usually reflected in the price.

Something else worth considering is Chamois Creme. It is designed to provide prolonged comfort in the saddle and increase the life of your chamois and your ride time. It does this by decreasing friction and avoids bacterial and fungal infections on your skin.

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