Bike Maintenance for Event Day

Thursday, April 21st, 2022

In association with Cycle Superstore

You’ve clocked up all those training kilometres only to be let down on the day by a mechanical failure. Most mechanical failures are easily preventable by some simple bicycle maintenance.

  • Keep it clean. A clean bike is a fast bike and is the foundation for completing the event. Dirt and grime build up on your bike and drive train will accelerate the wear on your chain and reduce its efficiency. A must have in every cyclist’s toolbox is a chain cleaner/scrubber. While washing your bike check the wear of your chain by using a chain checker. This will tell you if your chain needs replacing.
  • Lube. After you’ve washed your bike and drivetrain, now it’s time to apply the appropriate lube. You have two options, a wet and dry lube. As the name suggests the wet lube is for wet conditions and the dry is for dry conditions.
  • Fresh Tyres.  It goes without saying how vital a role your tyres will play in you completing the event. Remember they are your point of contact with the ground. Poor tyre pressure will inevitably lead to a puncture or in some cases a blowout. Information about the recommended tyre pressure can be found on the tyre’s sidewall. Always pump your tyres the night before the event to ensure there are no slow leaks. Most tyre manufacturers will have a tread indicator on their tyres to show you when the tyre needs to be replaced.
  • Check the Brakes. No brakes, means a DNF.  Spin the wheel to check to see the disc and rim is running cleanly through the caliper. If it’s rubbing, you may need to adjust the brakes or calipers. Give the brake levers a squeeze to check the brakes are working correctly. If you notice a slightly spongier feeling with hydraulic brakes, they may require bleeding. If your brakes are cable pull and they don’t feel firm and decisive, you may need to adjust the cable tension or replace the brake blocks or pads

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