Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Q We’re entering a tandem. Do we have to pay two entry fees?

A Yes. Each rider must complete an entry form and pay the entry fee.

Is a mountain bike suitable for the Wicklow 200?

While most riders use drop-handlebar road bikes, some ride mountain bikes. The principal drawback of a mountain bike on the Wicklow 200 is the extra road friction due to fat ‘chunky’ tyres.

Can I ride a recumbant? A penny-farthing? A unicycle?

We’ve had them all (except a unicycle), so yes, you can ride more or less anything as long as it’s legal on public roads. The use of TRI_BARS is NOT allowed.

Remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your cycle is safe and suitable for the event. The Wicklow 200 is a serious challenge on any cycle, so only attempt it on a cycle that you are confident and safe on.