A Nutritionist’s Dos and Don’ts

Marine LENEHAN, Sports Nutritionist, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher When it comes to nutrition, it is hard to know which road to follow. There is so much information available that it is very easy to get lost. And the truth is, there is no real magical formula. We are all unique, we all function differently

Cycling Nutrition: What to Eat and Drink During Bike Rides of Any Length

Marine Lenehan, Sports Nutritionist, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher When you ask your group of friends on social rides what they eat and drink on their ride, you’ll get almost as many answers as there are riders in the group. Everyone fuels rides a little differently, which is perfectly normal. We are all unique. However

Top 5 Foods for Cyclists

Marine Lenehan, Sports Nutritionist, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher As any cyclist knows, good nutrition plays a crucial role in optimizing performance and endurance on the road. Here is a non-exhaustive list of 5 superfoods for cyclists. 1. Oats/Oatmeal : sustained energy As cyclists, we require sustained energy to power through long rides, climbs and

2024 Registration Open!

Registration for the Wicklow 200 2024 on Sunday 9th June is now open! Your chance to take part in Ireland’s longest running annual challenge ride. The Wicklow 200km route and its partner event the Wicklow 100km route, take in many of the most iconic climbs in Ireland’s ‘Garden County’ in an event that is among

Event Day Checklist!

In association with Cycle Superstore You’ve clocked up the training miles and your bike is ready to go. Is there anything that needs to be done at the last minute? The friendly team in Cycle Superstore give some last-minute advice. Night Before  To help eliminate or reduce any pre-event nerves or stress, we suggest you

Route Update 2023

We have made some slight changes to the 100km and 200km routes. The links below will take you to the updated 100km and 200km routes, plus the ability to download a GPX file. To download the GPX file (or an alternative file type): Click the Plotaroute link below. The map of the route will be

Important Safety Message: Respect

In order for the Wicklow 200 to be held every year, we need the cooperation of everyone involved – the cyclists, the local communities, the emergency services, Gardai and the 400 volunteers. As we are all in this together, we have to respect everyone on the day of the cycle. We are asking you –

Registration Times 2023

Before you start Wicklow 200, you will need to pick up your pack at registration. Registration is available at these times and locations: Cycle Superstore (D24 AW96) Friday 9th June: 4pm to 7.30pm Saturday 10th June: 10am to 3pm Bray Emmets GAA Club (A98 NP03) Sunday 12th June: 5:30am to 6:30am sharp You will not

Cycling Jerseys

When it comes to selecting your jersey, you have an array of options and that’s even before you select the sleeve length!  A cycling jersey will keep you warm in cold weather and cooler in warm weather.  It will help keep you comfortable on the bike, prevent sunburn and give you a place to store

Picking the Right Jacket

In association with Cycle Super Store When it comes to choosing a cycling jacket, the saying ‘One size fits all’ does not apply. Selecting your jacket depends on the weather condition you’ll be riding your bike in. The two most common types of jackets available on the market are ‘Rain’ or ‘Wind Proof’ jacket.  So,