Energy for Event Day

By Larrissa Curvelo, Dietitian Specialist in Clinical and Sport Nutrition and in association with Cycle Superstore A balanced diet is the foundation for good cycling health and fitness. There is an array of energy foods and drinks on the market for cyclists to take before, during and after cycling. Energy Gel An energy gel is

What to Wear on Event Day

In association with Cycle Superstore The big day has arrived, you’ve put the training in – but what should you wear on the day itself? Think of your cycling outfit like an onion (layer upon layer but hopefully without the eyes watering!). First layer is your base layer worn tightly next to your skin all

Saddle Bag Essentials

In association with Cycle Superstore You have reached the start line of the Wicklow 200, but what should you pack in your saddle bag? Spare Tubes X 2 Always check the condition of your spare tubes. There is nothing worse than picking up a puncture only to discover the replacement tube has a tear or