Wicklow 200 Cut-off Times

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

To ensure everyone completes a safe and enjoyable event this year at Wicklow 200, we have some important cut-off time information for you to make a note of.

Cut-offs are times and locations where you will need to change your planned route if you arrive late to a certain location.

They are there so that if for some reason you are delayed starting the event, something happens to you along the route, or your energy levels begin to drop! – we can ensure that everyone taking part finishes in good time, without impacting on the health and safety of other cyclists and event volunteers.

We ask you to please read and consider the following cut-off times and locations:

Cut off 1:

  • Laragh village at 10am.
  • If you don’t reach Laragh village by 10am, you must proceed along the Wicklow 100 route.

Cut off 2:

  • Bottom of Shay Elliot in Clara at 3.30pm.
  • If you arrive to the bottom of Shay Elliot in Clara, you are not allowed to continue to Rathdrum, you must go left and back into Laragh, back to Bray via Enniskerry.

A reminder that these are in place for the benefit of everyone taking part and helping out on the day – your co-operation is much appreciated.

Have an awesome cycle!