Essential Gear for Your Cycling Saddle Bag: What to Pack for a Smooth Ride

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

Thanks to our friends at Cycle Superstore for these saddle bag essentials.

Before you embark on your biking adventure, let’s make sure you’ve got your saddle bag packed with all the essentials. Check out Cycle SuperStore’s range of saddle bags HERE. If you are heading off road – mountain bikers can use Enduro hip/waist bags or gripper backs which can be strapped to any part of your frame instead of a saddle bag and can be found HERE

Two Tubes

Always inspect your spare tubes before hitting the road. There’s nothing more frustrating than a flat tyre followed by a faulty spare. Rubber degrades over time, so ensure your spare tubes are in good condition. Don’t forget your tyre levers and a mini pump. In recent years, CO2 mini pumps have gained popularity, especially in competitive events. They inflate tyres much quicker than traditional pumps, getting you back on track faster. Just make sure you know how to use CO2 canisters before you’re stranded with a puncture!

Co2 Canister

If you’re using tubeless tires, a CO2 canister is a must-have. It’s essential for seating the tire bead and quickly filling it, a task traditional pumps can’t accomplish. However, be cautious; if luck isn’t on your side and you encounter multiple punctures, you might run out of canisters

If your event is off road bring along a Plug Kit. A plug kit is invaluable for quickly and easily repairing a flat tyre. While sealant can handle small holes most of the time, a plug kit comes in handy for larger punctures that sealant can’t fix.


An essential item for any saddle bag is a Multi-Tool , preferably one with a chain breaker. Coupled with a chain connector or Powerlink, this ensures you can keep going even if you snap your chain. When purchasing a chain connector, ensure it’s compatible with your group-set speed.

A Rear Derailleur Hanger

This vital component, often overlooked, can make or break your event. Positioned at your rear mech, the hanger is designed to sacrifice itself to protect the bike frame or other components in case of a mishap. As each bike model has its own unique hanger, it’s unlikely that the event support vehicle will have a spare, so it’s crucial to carry your own.

Top Tips

  • Always pack enough food and water for the event, along with a small first aid kit. In some off-road events, you’ll need to be self-sufficient as outside assistance isn’t allowed.
  • Avoid trying anything new on the day of the event, whether it’s a new energy gel or a new pair of cycling shorts. Stick to what you know works.
  • Don’t forget to apply plenty of chamois cream for added comfort during your ride. Check out Cycle SuperStore’s range HERE.