Getting Your Bike Ready For The Sportive Season

Monday, June 10th, 2024

Your bike has been out of sight – and probably out of mind  for the last few months, so what should you look out for before taking it out for the first time after its enforced hibernation? Thanks to our friends at Cycle Superstore for these great tips to keep your bike in shape.

Give Your Bike A Thorough Check-Up

It’s time to show your bike some love with a detailed inspection, known as an M Check. Named for the pattern you follow from front to back, this check ensures you catch any issues before hitting the road. Start at the front wheel, move up the handlebars, down to the bottom bracket, back up to the saddle, and then down to the rear wheel. The longer you spend inspecting, the more likely you are to spot any issues. So, take the time to give your bike the tender loving care it deserves with a thorough clean and lubrication. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but your bike will also thank you for it. For more info on M Check, please click HERE.


If your bike has been sitting idle for a while, it’s crucial to check your tyres. Over time, even the best tyres can deteriorate, making punctures more likely and posing a safety risk. Look for signs of perishing, such as visible cracks or hardening in the rubber, especially where the tyre has been in contact with the ground during storage. Rapid loss of pressure could indicate a problem, so be vigilant.


Even if your bike has been sheltered from the elements, condensation can still promote rust, particularly on exposed metal surfaces. Pay close attention to moving components like the drivetrain and brakes. Check for rust on the chain and ensure all links are moving freely. If you’re a regular rider, consider starting the new year with a new chain for optimal performance. Additionally, inspect the rear mech for any misalignment, as this could lead to more serious issues down the line.


Rust isn’t limited to the drivetrain; it can also affect brake and gear cables. Moisture or condensation can speed up cable deterioration, leading to potential safety hazards. Consider replacing your brake and gear cables at least once a year to ensure optimal performance and safety.


Before hitting the road, it’s essential to check your wheels thoroughly. Ensure quick-release skewers are tightened properly and that both wheels are true and turning freely. Give each spoke a tap to ensure it’s secure, and take the time to adjust brake clearances for a comfortable and safe ride. Consider replacing brake blocks for better performance, especially with summer riding ahead.