Friday, April 11th, 2014

What is the route for the Wicklow 200 and the Wicklow Challenge?

Details of the route for the Wicklow 200 and the Wicklow Challenge are available on our The 2015 Event page.

Should I do the Wicklow 200 or the Wicklow Challenge?

The Wicklow 200 is a very challenging event. You should only attempt the full 200km route if you have been training for it for a number of months, and are confident that you know what you are taking on.

What if I want to change my mind after submitting my entry form?

You can change your mind, without telling us, at any time up to the moment on 7th June that you arrive at the point on the route where the Wicklow 200 and Wicklow Challenge divide. The only reason that we ask you which you intend to do is so that we can get an idea of the numbers to cater for along the route.

How will I stay on the correct road on 7th June 2015?

The route of the Wicklow 200 and the Wicklow Challenge is marked on the road at every junction where there is a change of direction along the way. Just follow the road marks and you won’t get lost. Even better, tag along with any gang of riders who seem to know where they’re going!

Can I get a map of the route for my spouse/partner/friend/slave who will be driving a car?

We will provide copies of a small sketch map of the route at the start on 7th June 2015. As this will be only a simple sketch map it should not be used to find your way around the Wicklow mountains. It should be used in conjunction with a good road map of the area (see next answer). The routes are on Map My Ride, link on the homepage.

What road maps cover the route of the Wicklow 200?

The excellent sheet 56 and sheet 62 maps from the Ordnance Survey of Ireland provide full coverage of the Wicklow 200 route. Sheet 56 covers most of the route. Sheet 62 is needed for the most southerly part, including Rathdrum, Glenmalure, Slieve Maan, and Glen of Imaal. They can be bought online from the Ordnance Survey or from any decent bookshop or service station in Ireland. There are many other good maps that cover the same area.

What food and drink will be available along the route?

At each checkpoint each rider will get,Tea, coffee and a Sandwich. Water will also be available. There will also be water point the top of Slieve Maan. Light refreshments will be provided at the finish. Note: This may not be enough food by itself to complete the Wicklow 200! See below for further advice.

What food and drink should I bring with me?

The food provided at the checkpoints may not by itself be sufficient to complete the event. You must make your own arrangements to have enough food for the day’s riding. You should bring plenty of water, and food such as energy bars, sandwiches, fruit cake or other suitable snacks. You should drink plenty of water (particularly if it’s a warm day) so two large bidons, refilled at each checkpoint and water stop, are best. Avoid fizzy drinks. Bring whatever snacks you are used to. The Wicklow 200 is not the best place to experiment with new food items. There are shops along the route at Roundwood, Laragh, Baltinglass, and Rathdrum, but remember that they may not open until later in the day.

What do I do if I have a mechanical or medical emergency along the route?

There will be a Wicklow 200 emergency phone number printed on your control card. Ring that number if you need help. If we can we will try to get someone to assist you. However, you are expected to be able to deal with routine problems, such as punctures, yourself. Please remember that the Wicklow 200 is spread over a very large area so it may be some time before help can arrive, particularly if our teams are helping someone else when you call.